Sweet Crude is the story of Nigeria’s Niger Delta – a story that’s never been captured in a feature-length film.

Watch the preview over at the African Loft.

In April filmmaker Sandy Cioffi and crew were detained by the Nigerian military JTF while traveling in the Delta, and turned over to the Nigerian State Security Services. They were held without being charged, and without access to counsel. Thanks to international efforts, they were released a week later. It seems obvious there are those who do not want this story told.

From a user comment at the Internet Movie Database:

The film calls for nothing more radical than third-party-led negotiations between the locals and the oil companies so the presence of the latter benefits rather than harms the former. Watch for this documentary. It is going to be astounding, and terribly important. Also compelling is the incredible irresponsibility of big American media in reporting this story, essentially calling those who organize peacefully to defend the people of the Delta “terrorists.”

Keep in mind:

80% of oil wealth is owned by 1% of the population;

70% of private wealth is abroad whilst

3/4 of the country live on about $1 a day –

at least 15 million of those live in the Niger Delta (link)

What’s Next?
Sweet Crude is moving ahead on several fronts. We’re back in the studio and will be finishing the film this summer. Meanwhile, we are seeking a distributor and entering festivals. We will also continue to advocate for political solutions with U.S. lawmakers. Many people have asked where they can see the film or how to get a copy. We will let you know as soon as we know – so sign up for our email list to stay informed.