Africom to install a base camp in Uganda
On 18 October, United States Africa Command (Africom) issued a call for declarations of interest in installing and operating a military camp in Uganda. (…)

This was published in the Indian Ocean Newsletter #1296, Nov. 6, 2010. The rest of the article requires a subscription. It would certainly be interesting to know more, but I couldn’t find anything so far in the searches I’ve done.

The only official US Africa Command base in Africa so far is in Djibouti. Even without official bases, AFRICOM is quite active throughout Africa. It is operating out of the embassies in over a dozen countries and continues to militarize US diplomacy. It has a constant rotating presence in even more African countries.

Back in 2008 there was some talk of Tan-Tan in Morocco becoming a base for AFRICOM. There was quite a bit of buzz, such as the article quoted below:

TAN-TAN, Morocco (June 5, 2010) Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) the Honorable Ray Mabus addresses Sailors and Marines in Tan-Tan, Morocco. The Marines are participating in an exercise with the Moroccan militaries. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O'Brien/Released)

From 2008:
AFRICOM Base In Tan-Tan Confirmed

The project to establish AFRICOM headquarters in Morocco, namely in the outskirts of Tan Tan, was not cancelled; it became surreptitious. Morocco is still willing to host AFRICOM and the U.S. is serious in its consideration of Morocco, if not as a full-fledged home to the African command, as a regional command to a portion of the African area of operation (AO).

Seabees and Red Horse squadron personnel, highly mobile civil engineering response forces supporting, respectively, the US Navy and Marine Corps and the US Air Force contingency and special operations worldwide, have been deploying to the Tan Tan area to build the infrastructure for the base AFRICOM will be using.

I remain skeptical that AFRICOM will use the base as a headquarters. AFRICOM headquarters will remain in Stuttgart, Germany

Tan-Tan, on the western edge of Morocco

Roger Pociask has been following the rationale and rationalizations for AFRICOM. He includes a video in this post:

AFRICOM & Tan-Tan, Morroco – Another Strange Coincidence?

Alternate Title of Post:

What the heck is “exercise related construction” ?

(Sounds Like another AFRICOM Word Game to Me!)

A few years ago, rumors circulated swiftly about construction of an AFRICOM base or facility in the remote desert town of Tan-Tan, Morroco.

AFRICOM vehemently denied the rumors of any such construction.

“Every year, the Moroccan press prints articles suggesting that African Lion (an annual U.S. military exercise in Africa) means the U.S. military wants to establish a permanent base in Morocco. The most cited location is Tan Tan. None of these press reports are accurate.” AFRICOM PAO Blog

On Sept 28, 2010, U.S. Africa Command’s Commander, General “Kip” Ward participated in a panel discussion in Atlanta, Georgia about investment in North Africa. A fellow participant was Mbarka Bouaida, a member of the parliament of Morocco.

You guessed it. Her hometown is Tan-Tan, Morroco. What a strange coincidence?

Of course, AFRICOM has not had any credibility problems, right? Yeah, right…

AFRICOM has built something there.. and for some reason they just really like Tan-Tan, that’s for sure!

A panel discussion in Atlanta, Georgia about investment in North Africa with General Ward and Mbarka Bouaida, Sept 28, 2010