General Ward testified before the House Armed Services Committee on March 13th. What struck me about the testimony is how much it appeared that the US military is undertaking to become a shadow government for all of Africa. This would certainly be in keeping with the current doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance.

In his testimony, working with “partners” sounds like creating compliant client states. There is no evidence AFRICOM is planning to treat sovereign nations as equal sovereign nations based on his testimony. Although he pays lip service to what the African “partners” determine that they want, it is clear that there will be a great deal of behind the scenes manipulation.

Here are two excerpts. This week is jammed with deadlines, but I’ll be back with more later.

Through persistent, sustained engagement focused on building partner security capacity, supporting humanitarian assistance efforts, and providing crisis response, AFRICOM will promote a stable and secure African environment in support of U.S. foreign and national security policy.

. . .

Through persistent engagement with our African partners and integration of this kind of USG-wide expertise into our structure, AFRICOM will improve support to U.S. policy objectives in Africa.

3/17 – I was in a hurry last night and forgot to put in the link for Ward testimony – PDF .