Monday, January 21st, 2008

from the Daily Nation

At Moon of Alabama b real has Coup In Kenya: Part II – Exploring U.S. influence in the Kenyan Elections posted. I recommend you read it. It is not a pretty picture. I saw Fareed Zakaria on a Daily Show last week, and he saidwe (the US) like democracy in strategically irrelevant countries, anywhere important, we don’t like it.” US behavior in Kenya is a glowing example of this. Coup In Kenya: Part II went up today, and if it follows the pattern of Coup in Kenya – Part I, it will be worth checking back from time to time over the next week or so to read the comments.

You may also wish to read Countdown to Deception: 30 Hours That Destroyed Kenya by Kenyans for Peace and Justice, also available here. And you might want to read Anatomy of a Rigging by Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice, KPTJ.
This last is an hour by hour account –

drawn from the statements of four of the five domestic election observers1 allowed into the verification process the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) . . .

The account illustrates the list of anomalies, malpractices and illegalities that lay behind those results, raising questions as to the ethics, non-partisanship and professionalism of the ECK Commissioners and staff as well as to the validity of the supposed results.

In The Great Divide, authors Holman and Mills write about the political process in contemporary African countries, and say:

the best role that external actors can assume is to be honest in their deliberations about and with these countries, and not attempt to pick and back winners.

People from all walks of life outside the Ohene Djan Stadium

Supporters and street performers outside the stadium

Ghana supporters dancing outside the stadium

Flags of participating nations displayed at a traffic round-about

Ghana supporters dancing outside the stadium

Accra, Jan. 20, GNAMidfielder Sulley Ali Muntari set Ghana’s campaign for a fifth continental glory on a smooth path when he delivered a “super strike” in the 89th minute to secure a 2-1 victory over Guinea in the opening match of the 26th Africa Cup of Nations at the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium, Accra.

Photos by Oluniyi David Ajao , who takes beautiful photos, and generously shares them on the web. See more of his photos on Flickr, or at his website.

I spoke to a friend in Ghana this evening. He said everyone was out in the street jubilating. The police came in a car and told people to clear the street, but the people just climbed onto the police car. The police took it with a good nature. They were celebrating too.