buildings in the shape of ships

Ethiopia is a landlocked country. And yet the US is planning to build a huge new embassy there in the shape of a ship.

The United States (US) government is soon to erect perhaps its largest single structure in Africa, in the compound of its Embassy in Addis Ababa . . . the four-story building is projected to consume a total investment of 140 million dollars.
. . .
The four-story building, depicting a ship, will be erected right in front of his (the ambassador’s) residence, on the vast green area. It will serve as offices to the various bureaus the Embassy has inside the compound.

Consider the following:

  • US builds a new embassy in Ethiopia in the shape of a ship.
  • The US Navy will play a major part in the new US Africa Command.
  • As reported in a comment: Ethiopia desperately wants a coastline & the U.S. probably wants them to have it too.
  • Ethiopia shares borders with both Somalia, and Eritrea, both of which have coastlines.
  • Ethiopia recently invaded Somalia with US assistance, allegedly to root out terrorists.
  • The US is talking about designating Eritrea as a state that sponsors terrorism.

Is the US planning interventions and more regime changes in Africa?

Do the US accusations of terrorist activities have anything to do with terrorism, or are they about something else?