One of my favorite blogs is Ramblings of an African Geek. He writes with a measured tone, and a great deal of insight. He recently assisted with the secondary school programming competition in Tamale in the Northern Region. Click here to read his account of the competition, and see pictures of the students working intently. I really like to see this. Still, so many young people need this kind of opportunity and more. When governments invest in education, it pays back many times over in business development. Everyone benefits. It would be nice if more people in government understood this, in Ghana, in the US, and pretty much everywhere else.

He writes:

As usual, this was fun and refreshing. The schools need more support than they currently get from the government by far but they are doing a lot with what they have and I suspect the nationals will be seriously competitive. Still, I’d rather not have to hear stories of high performing schools only doing well because a teacher brought in his 3 year old laptop and trained his kids on it.

Still, the sights made me happy.