Photograph: Ilene Perlman

From an African Geek we hear a very positive message from Ghana.

Accra and Tema have been covered in flags for a couple of weeks now.

There have been brisk sales of flags and Ghana themed memorabilia.

Just about every car, taxis included, is flying the flag. Literally the city has been awash with red, gold green and black. Even more so than when Ghana was starting to dominate teams who were expected to murder us in the World Cup.

On independence day people showed up at the square to get seats early in the morning. Reportedly by 4:30 A.M it was impossible to find a seat even if you’d paid for one.
That was remarkably inspiring to see. Honestly, sometimes I underrate my country. I forget that one of the reasons that Ghana has managed to remain as stable as it has been is that people do see themselves as part of the same country to a large degree. There is so much noise about our religious, ethnic, economic and political differences that its sometimes easy to miss the ways in which we pull together. This doesn’t mean that things are perfect by a long shot. There are lots of things that need fixing in this country, but I’m seeing our confidence in our own abilities and our awareness of our potential increase significantly. And that gives me a bit more hope for the future.