Saturday, January 27th, 2007

More news here than on the TV.

Annan delivered the first lecture in the Golden Jubilee lecture series in Accra. He said that building for the future must be based on these three pillars: security which requires peace, development, and human rights which requires the rule of law.

Busumuru Annan said the high percentage of the youth in Africa, urbanization and technological change were changing realities that demanded faster thinking and quicker action to serve the needs of the African people.

“They demand more inclusive, more accountable and more responsive Governments, and leaders who are in tune with this new Africa and myriad complexities”

He also said he plans to go into farming and agriculture. That would be a huge boon to Ghana. A man of his stature, with all his international connections could do wonders for Ghanaian agricultural development. He could increase Ghanaian prosperity, and become an even greater inspiration at home and abroad. If a nation cannot feed itself, it cannot do much else. Ghanaian agriculture has much potential, but is still struggling.