Steve Gilliard describes the dreadful effect of American warlords and mercenaries in Iraq. The use of mercenaries in Iraq, and the role they play, cries out for investigation. This is a lasting source of shame that very few here in the US have even begun to understand.

Any effort to bring order to Baghdad is undermined by our use of mercenaries. Now, while Bush is blathering on about JAM and the other militias, the largest militia in Iraq is Blackwater and friends. Lawless, loyal to their employer, the use of mercenaries has turned any idea of respecting law into a joke.

The great mistake of the KMT in uniting China was to tolerate warlords. Well, Triple Canopy and Blackwater are certainly warlords. How can JAM demobilize when private soldiers roam the streets of their cities? The Army and police are merely adjuncts to the militias at this point.

You cannot have private armies and then expect the other warlords to disarm. Isn’t going to happen.