It is worth remembering, we are still a democracy.

The reason local police should not be involved with immigration enforcement is that it makes our communities more dangerous for all of us.

If someone is afraid to report crime, the criminals have free run of the community. Many of the people stirring up fear of illegal aliens have much to gain by creating a climate of fear. One example is a member of the Virginia General Assembly, right in Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode‘s backyard. Delegate to the Virginia General Assembly Allen Dudley maintains a trailer slum exploiting illegal immigrants, overcharging for unsanitary conditions.

GOTV explains quite clearly the danger to the community that occurs if we mix immigration law with local policing. It makes our communities much more dangerous:

I just want to point out the obvious, these politicians who rant about illegal aliens are just jerking our chain. What they really want is illegal aliens who are so fearful that they will endure any insult, any exploitation, any crime, rather than bring it to the attention of the authorities for fear of deportation. This is exactly why mixing immigration law with local police work is such rotten policy.

Virginia has certain laws governing landlords, including housing codes. Before you can rent, your property must meet minimum standards. By renting to illegal aliens, and then stirring up a political hysteria against immigrants, you reduce the possibility of immigrants reporting any crime you might be committing. So you can rent slum property, pay workers with rubber checks, and run a hundred other scams, secure in the knowledge that your victims will never bring you to justice.

And it is not just illegal immigrants, or even legal immigrants, even naturalized citizens, years after they have been naturalized, are reluctant to report crimes for fear of the authorities. The current hysteria about immigration is making our society much more dangerous.