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“Play yard for children incarcerated at T. Don Hutto Residential Facility.(Photographer: Jay Johnson-Castro)

The US faith based administration incarcerated families in concentration camps right before the Christmas holiday. There are approximately 200 children among the 400 inmates of the T. Don Hutto Facility, all those incarcerated have been forced to wear prison uniforms, including the children. Some of these children are citizens of the United States. And judging from demographics, most or all of them are Christians. And there are many more Christian families in many more concentration camps in several states, incarerated without due process, following the Swift raids just before Christmas. But the Christianists who currently run the US do not believe in or follow the teachings of Christ. This concentration camp is an abomination to justice and due process, and a this Christmas internment a religious abomination to anyone whose faith actually cherishes the teachings of Christ. This raid had very little to do with catching lawbreakers. The raids were really about union busting. ICE targeted plants that were unionized, ignored due process, and punished innocents. The Bush administration are all vile hypocrites. Of course this is hardly news to anyone, but it is still distressing when they deliberately punish innocent children, especially on Christmas, and treat them as criminals.

The CCA, a private corporation, oversees the incarceration of children as young as infants.

Since it’s been admitted that families/immigrants are detained indefinitely in these facilities without due process, the CCA and companies like it, are profiting on the false imprisonment of people – since these are noncriminals being detained.And in the meantime, men, women and children innocent of committing/violating gross crimes against humanity are being criminalized.It brings a whole new definition to business profits.

They are fingerprinting babies:

I know a man who works there, a seasoned prison guard. I will call him Tommy, obviously not his real name. Tommy is a seasoned hard-ass prison guard, but a good man.

He described the incoming immigrant families holding screaming children in their arms. He described the guards taking their fingerprints, taking the fingerprints of the babies.He said it was disturbing to the most hardened prison workers to see poor families being held like prisoners, the children behind bars, crying, all of them crying. He said they were all poor and frightened. He has been around criminals for many years. These are not criminals. They are poor and desperate.

If you want to do something, I suggest contacting your Congressional representatives. I understand Homeland Security is just throwing away the messages.


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