I’ve been reluctant to post because the behavior of the US President is so distressing. I don’t want to ignore it, and it is hard to say anything and hard to know what to say. As Swopa puts it:

We have a president who is so wedded to his rhetoric of “victory” and “resolve” that he wants to throw thousands more troops into a meat grinder, despite the military’s unanimous resistance and only 11 or 12% support from the public, just so he doesn’t have to admit that he screwed up.

And in every appearance recently, Bush has had Cheney right behind him, to make sure he does not listen if people talk sense. As Steve Gilliard quotes:

Regardless of your feelings or beliefs about sending more U.S troops to Iraq, you must accept the painful truth that anything we do to salvage or strengthen the existing Shia-dominated government in Iraq redounds to the benefit of Iran. If we weigh in on the side of the Sunni insurgents we run a serious risk that the Shias will attack us in strength and, at least for the short time, cut our supply lines that run through the heart of Shia territory. Moreover, anything we do to militarily challenge Iran will weaken our influence in Iraq and jeopardize the mission of our forces in Iraq.

George Bush has made his choice and it is calamitous.
. . .

Bush and Cheney don’t have a learning curve, it is a flat line.