If you look at the Green Zone by satellite as Steve Gilliard has done, you will see the only exit is the road to the airport, which is already the most dangerous road in the world, despite the US presence and years of effort. If Bush holds us there until we have to fight our way out, the cost in American lives will be beyond imagining. Take a look at the pictures, and read Gilliard’s description in the post.

Meanwhile Bush continues to live in a bubble, impervious to facts. What is the biggest danger to our troops? As Wolcott says there is a growing fear that:

. . . not only is Bush unable to avoid catastrophe, he’s unwilling to, because that would mean he was wrong, and Bush can’t admit he was wrong–the cracks of doubt would bring his entire psychic superstructure crashing. And at that point we’d have a presidential crisis that would make Nixon’s lunar unraveling look like a teddy bear’s picnic.