The US Army has allowed the Iraqi government to give them orders, and as a result, the US has ABANDONED an American soldier. Rather than continuing our search and blockade of Sadr City, we have pulled back, and left our soldier to the mercies of the al-Sadr militia.

You read me correctly, the US envoy in Iraq has decided that our US military personnel should take orders from the Iraqi government and abandon one of our soldiers to the Mahdi Army. That this decision occurred abruptly after Stephen Hadley’s visit to Baghdad yesterday raises a whole host of questions in my mind — and the press had better damn well be asking for some answers from the Bush Administration today.
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The Bush Administration has been encouraging Iraqi-Americans to become more involved in the “liberation” of Iraq. The American military needs more soldiers with regional language fluency, and Iraqi Americans have an understandable interest and personal stake — with many relatives still living in the war torn nation — in working to make things better. The American soldier who was captured is of Iraqi-American descent, he was wearing the uniform of the United States…and we have abandoned him to Moqtada Al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army and Sadr City’s rage as of yesterday.

We do not abandon our own.

Unless, of course, you are the Bush Administration — which, apparently, has decided to let the Iraqi government start calling the shots for the US military.

Does this disgraceful act get any attention from the press? Not so far, the press is thrilled with another he-said-he-said ping pong game, this time over Mr. Kerry’s remarks. The entire remarks argument is irrelevant to the election, and to the situation on the ground in Iraq. But the White House appreciates and encourages the distraction. And the press is unable to distinguish between a talking point and a story.

Or, as Digby says:

How very convenient for the administration that the press is concentrating on irrelevancies when a story like this breaks, eh?

The Maliki government is playing Bush for the cowardly loser he is, apparently threatening him with more bad headlines, so the Americans backed off and left a soldier behind.
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Nothing is more fun and exciting to the kewl kidz (news media personalities and pundits) than going after a simple meaningless anti-Democrat story that pleases the GOP establishment. Everybody wins. Except the American people, of course. Or that abandoned soldier in Iraq.
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The Bush administration is so weak and so useless that they are allowing Maliki and the Sadr militia to dictate terms to the US military because of the US elections.

Try to imagine what would happen if a Democrat did such a thing.