Kojo Antwi, Mr. Music Man, has been hugely popular in Ghana for at least two decades. You can find more information, pictures, and purchase his CDs direct from his website, kojoantwi.com, which features this apt description:

Kojo’s music- Afro Pop is a well-tasty, magical blend of West Africa’s Hi Life and Soukous, The Carribean’s Lovers’ Rock, a hint of Afro-America’s Rhythm and Blues, brewed in a large African pot and stirred with well-composed lyrics plus a voice so sweet. Like a polished diamond, Kojo Antwi aka Mr Music Man continues to sparkle, bringing light and joy to many through his sweet music and exciting shows across the globe.

In an exciting career spanning over two decades he has gone from bubbly vocalist through introspective songwriter and lead singer to consummate musician, arranger, producer and enigmatic performer. He is a sheer delight to behold on stage.

You can purchase CDs and DVDs here. The opening page of the site features a sound file, although the kojoantwi.com discography does not yet feature sound files.

Pan African Allstars sells the CD Densu, and you can sample some of the tracks.