I spent a lovely week at the beach, keeping my eyes on the ocean. It is not a particularly noteworthy or distinguished part of the Atlantic coast, just a lot of development, with a few bits of dunes and nature left. Most of the nature left is the kind that has adapted to human habitation. But the sea is wonderful to watch with its shifting moods of light and color.

One morning, although I could see the surface of the ocean, it was very calm and there was a bit of fog. With the sun coming from the east, and reflecting off the silvery surface of the sea, and off the water droplets in the foggy air, it was hard to distinguish sea from air, except where the breakers splashed gently at the edge with little lines of white along the sand.

Another day the ocean was a deep blue green with a bit of a chop, going out to meet a bright blue sky. And for awhile I watched some dolphins hunting out front. I think there was some sort of a fish run, as there were several little boats out fishing as well. Boats and dolphins went by other times, but they didn’t usually stop to fish.

We watched a sunset of perfect Miami colors on both the sky and sea, blues, lavenders, pinks, peach, with little puffy clouds strewn across.

It was a lovely and restorative interlude.