Sunday, October 8th, 2006

Franco & OK Jazz, in all their evolutions and permutations, were the greatest African band of the 20th century, judged by longevity, the vast and extensive list of recordings, their musical evolution and continuing popularity. Franco, born in 1938, formed the original OK Jazz in 1956, and maintained a dominant position in African music for decades, until his death in 1989. His music remains popular, few can resist the beautiful guitar, and sexy rumba rhythms.

You can read more about Franco from the links at FRANCO & T.P.O.K JAZZ.

And you can listen to his music here and here.

If you would like to purchase recordings, there is a good selection at Pan African Allstars, sample tracks are included for you to listen before you purchase.

There is a new ad out for Senator Allen, criticizing Webb, in which a woman says she thinks Webb is a smart man but not an honest one.
The answer to that is obvious:
Allen is a dumb man, but not an honest one.