Courtesy of Abu Aardvark, this joke has been around at least 15 years:

An American CIA agent, an Israeli Mossad agent, and an Iraqi Mukhabarat agent are sitting in a bar. They start arguing over who is the best at intelligence, so they decide to have a contest: the first one to come back to the bar with a camel wins. The American rushes out, calls up the King’s office, and says “King, I need a camel – now.” Five minutes later, the King comes huffing and puffing up, delivering the camel personally. “Thanks, your Royalness. You can go back to the casino now.” Grinning a cocky American grin, he saunters back to the bar with his camel… only to find the Israeli sitting in his chair, resting his feet on a camel. “Dang it!” curses the American. “How did you DO that?” Then the two sit back and wait for the Iraqi. Hours pass. Finally, they go out looking for him. They don’t have to go far. He’s in the back alley, torturing a rabbit and screaming “Say you’re a camel! Say you’re a camel!”

Trust me, it used to be funnier.