Swopa, writing at Firedoglake has more on the best way to defend America is to BE America.

Why have Americans allowed BushCo to appeal to us as cringing and fearful weaklings? For all of our history we have been tough and stood up for the principles on which our country is founded. How have we let an administration get away with treating us as snivelling cowards? All who love this country, and who call ourselves patriots, should be offended.

Democrats don’t need to defend themselves on national security. The BushCo record is pathetic. Defending our positions as Democrats is a waste of time. We need be out front and aggressive with the facts, the truth, and how we can make this a far better country. Digby writes more, and more eloquently on this, along with highly practical suggestions.

And speaking of working with the terrorists, georgia10 has this to say:

Does anyone else find it incredibly disturbing that five years into the bin Laden manhunt, the United States and Pakistan obviously have yet to reach a consensus on how exactly to pursue the guy?

They aren’t only not on the same page, they aren’t even reading the same book when it comes to contingency planning.

I wonder what George Bush and Perez Musharaff will talk about when they meet this week. You know, besides selling Pakistan our F-16s, and helping them develop nuclear technology, all while our great “ally” in the war on terror seals its borders to us and jeopardizes the capture of the most wanted man alive.

If this were a competent president, the who, what, when and where of bin Laden’s capture would be the central topic of discussion.

But, alas, as evidenced by five years of failure, “competency” and “foresight” are two concepts that are entirely foreign to this administration.