Thanks to Pachacutec at FDL Late Nite, from whom I pinched the title.

“When you see me laughing, I’m laughing just to keep from crying”
With a thank you to Big Bill Broonzy, and many others for these words.

To get a bit more of a laugh out of Disney’s GOPudrama and RNC contribution titled Path to 9/11, check out the opening credits, courtesy of Gen. JC Christian, Patriot.

Hunter at DailyKos tells us what this GOPudrama tells us:

You know, given the amount of fact-checking that went into this piece, and subsequent zero corrections that resulted from it being mailed to 900 critics and far-right figures, I think I am beginning to fully understand why we’re in Iraq.

Because no matter how stupid you think conservatives are — you get two or more of them in a group, and it’s like a singularity of stupid, from which no actual competence can escape. They’re just that goddamn dumb.

And Dr. Doom gives us the bubble boy himself, ready to speak.