Bush flew over New Orleans on August 31, 2005 and pictures of his flyover were in all the major news media. The BagNewsNotes did this particularly incisive analysis of the photos. Describing one of the photos:

What is unique about this shot is that it’s the only one that manages to depict Bush and New Orleans at the same time. Because we can see that he sees it, this photo (more than the others) serves as a visual indictment of Bush’s absence from a situation he is clearly responsible for.

Just as powerfully, however, what the image also represents is the extent to which Bush remains encapsulated in his own confined world. The image reinforces the understanding that Bush remains walled off at all times, with only the most distant and fragmentary perception of what is going on outside.

Dr. Doom adds an editorial view of Bush looking on.

And in his concluding remarks BagNewsNotes writes:

On the other hand, it is much harder to take the President’s posturing at face value when you can see evidence of the stage and the actor, one pose after another. At that point, you can see that this is simply a photo shoot, and the President, rather than being somebody at this critical moment, is trying to look like someone instead.