Dark Syde over at DailyKos as a post on the aftermath of Katrina, and the combination of glaring incompetence, and deliberate neglect that have followed. There are pictures of the fury of nature here, including one of the initial storm surge at Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi that is just staggering in scale and power.

But make no mistake, the lingering, bungled response to Katrina was not solely due to incompetence, it’s a stark illustration of neoconservative ideology in action.

One year after the storm lashed the Gulf Coast, Biloxi is a wreck, Gulfport is in ruins, New Orleans is a ghost town of roach and rat infested debris, and hundreds of thousands of people have been scattered to the corners of the nation, forgotten, and left to fend for themselves. Stay the course? The course was never even set, much less embarked upon.

There are few denizens in the national disaster universe that give more warning of the coming human misery than a Hurricane. Katrina was predicted for years and could be seen from the surface of the moon for a week. It approached the coast at a slow jog. And yet, the White House and Department of Homeland Security would have us believe they were surprised.

General JC Christian, Patriot, has posted a series of photos of Bush, and of New Orleans that same week titled The week in genocide (Aug. 29 – Sept. 4, 2005)