The Bag News Notes is a fascinating blog, and always worth a look. It has a post up that contains the following observation:

When the history of spin is recorded, I think we will look back on these past four weeks as the official passing of the Rove era. To the extent the “war on terror” has been the mother of all perceptual battles, the Administration (and its proxy, the American media) has finally been done in.
. . .
It’s hard to believe, but I’ve see very little sign that anyone — either in the main stream press or at the White House — has paid much attention to the media story of the decade: the explosive take off and rapid maturation of Arab media (and now, the concomitant rise in media savvy).

It is curious, when we are supposed to be so media savvy, that most of us have failed to even notice this phenomenon.

This is also interesting in the light of recent polling that indicates the American public is beginning to separate the “war on terror” from the Iraq war. There are polls discussed in both the New York Times, and CNN/USAToday/Gallup. This topic is treated more in depth at Firedoglake.